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Why Business Intelligence is Important
In today’s competitive data driven world, it is important that businesses find compelling and successful ways to stand out from the competition. Business Analytics is key to gaining this advantage and is at the heart of success for businesses in every industry.

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We are experts in on-premise and cloud based data integration and analytics solutions comprising:
Big Data & Business Intelligence

(BI) is the set of techniques and tools for the transformation of raw data into meaningful and useful information for business analysis purposes. Big Data extends this approach to a variety of structured and unstructured data, arriving at high velocity, in large volumes.

Data Architecture

Data architecture involves: data modeling, data policy creation, the development of rules and standards for governing data to be collected. It also considers where data is stored, arranged, integrated, and put to use in data systems and in organizations.

Data Integration

Data Integration involves the process of implementing an architectural data design to yield meaningful and valuable information for an organization. A complete data integration solution typically encompasses discovery, cleansing, monitoring, transforming and delivery of data from a variety of sources.

Corporate Performance Management

(CPM) is the area of business intelligence (BI) involved with monitoring and managing an organization's performance, according to business drivers and key performance indicators (KPIs) such as revenue, return on investment (ROI), overhead, and operational costs.

Business Performance Management

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Percentage of self-service BI projects projected to fail due to inconsistencies in their data.0

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COLLABORATION – We are first a team, inside and out.

INTEGRITY – We demonstrate honesty and respect for others in all we do.

TENACITY – We find a way to make it happen.

RESULTS – We create value early and often.

EVOLUTION – We seek to learn, adapt, and grow.

CRAFTSMANSHIP – We build it simple, elegant, and rock-solid.

ADVOCACY – We listen, understand, then delight our customers. (2)

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